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There's a plethora of ways to mess with your opponents between the various Combatants of Ambush.

Click on the name of a Combatant to learn more about them, or scroll down to see them all. Your call.

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The knights of Burmstone Keep serve as enforcers of peace and justice in the surrounding land, and protect the people of Burmstone from invaders and criminals. The title of Burmstone Knight is a great honor, and one heavily sought after by soldiers and warriors of the kingdom.

In an annual ceremony, the bravest and strongest members of the royal army are selected by the king himself to be knighted. As part of the ceremony, these newly knighted soldiers are given a royal horse, the speed and heart of which are matched by none. 

The bond between a rider of Burstome Keep and their horse is unshakeable. Many riders even claim to hear the thoughts and feelings of their mount while riding. Kinda weird but ok.

Age: 32
Height: 5'8
Homeland: Burmstone Keep
Occupation: Royal Knight by day, profitable mercenary
by night
Favorite Hobby: Roasting marshmallows over a burning Witch



While the knights of Burmstone Keep are revered and praised throughout the land for their combat prowess, they would be nothing without the dedication and skill of the blacksmiths who craft their swords and armor.

Legend has it that the secrets of their metalworking, passed down through generations of royal blacksmiths, were originally inspired by the work of the oldest and most famous dwarven craftsmen. While their work is well-known and sought after throughout the land, the Burmstone blacksmiths are bound by oath to only make weapons for the royal knights.

Age: 63
Height: 6'3
Homeland: Burmstone Keep
Occupation: Really?
Favorite Hobby: Sewing



While a bombug’s relatively small size may at first make them seem non-threatening, those who choose to venture into the Quagwater swamp must be constantly on the lookout for them.

As a defense mechanism, bombugs have evolved to generate a volatile collection of chemicals within their large, bulbous abdomen. When startled or threatened, a bombug will mix these chemicals together to create a violent and dangerous explosion. This, in turn, will startle nearby bombugs, triggering a chain reaction that can devastate entire swaths of forest, or, in the case of an infestation, bring down even the mightiest of castles.

Age: 2 Weeks
Height: 1'
Homeland: Quagwater Swamp
Occupation: Being a pest
Favorite Hobby: Ruining the plans of others. Also tennis with its bulbs as a racket.



Expert miners and weapons-smiths, the dwarves of Dwighdarul are renowned throughout the land for their treasure, their wealth, and their impressive facial hair.

Perhaps the most notable trait of dwarves, however, is their fierce and unwavering loyalty to each other. The bonds of dwarven kinship are unbreakable, and a dwarf will not hesitate for a second to place themselves in harm’s way to protect a friend. For this reason, a dwarf makes for an excellent companion in battle, as long as one is willing to extend the same trust and loyalty to them.

Age: 183
Height: 1'2
Homeland: Dwighdarul
Occupation: Union worker
Favorite Hobby: Partaking in the world-renown Dwarven Keg Stand 



Brightbark forest is home to the woodland elves: experts of nature, navigation, and archery. From a young age, elves are taught to hold and shoot a bow, and their heightened connection with nature allows them to read the wind to calculate the perfect shot.

It is said that the best elven marksmen can hit targets as far as 1000 feet away. All members of the elven guard swear an oath to protect their forest from all manners of evil and corruption, and few are allowed to cross their borders and enter their forest.

Those who do speak of extravagant palaces and gorgeous masterpieces of art and sculpture. 

Age: 24
Height: 5'11
Homeland: Yamluna
Occupation: Forest guardian

Favorite Hobby: Pitching baseball



Mount Firecest, or, as it is called by those who live near it, The Burning Peak, has long stood alone on the edge of Orozan, the steady stream of black smoke that emanates from it a grim reminder of the volcano’s destructive power, and that of the beast which dwells within.

For centuries, the volcano has stood dormant, as has the mighty fire drake which slumbers inside of it. Dwarven elders, the only ones old enough to remember the dragon’s last attack, tell of a massive creature 100 feet long, with scales as hard as iron and fiery breath hot enough to burn all of Ironwood forest to the ground.

From the strongest Burmstone Knight, to the most powerful Numine wizard, all fear the dragon’s wrath, and dread the possibility that it may one day awaken.

Age: 14
Height: 20'
Homeland: The Burning Peak
Occupation: Competitive hoarder (it's a thing)
Favorite Hobby: Investing in stocks



The Quagwater marshes are darty, dirty, and smell so bad that even the bravest soldiers dare draw too near, but to the goblins of Vrocrid, it is their home.

To brave the many dangers of the swamp, goblins have learned to stick together in large packs for survival, using swarm tactics and the advantage of numbers to bring down more powerful foes.

While the low intelligence and short stature of goblins may make them seem like an easy target, be wary when going up against one: their friends are rarely far behind.

Age: 3
Height: 4'9
Homeland: Quagwater Marshes
Occupation: Soldier and multipurpose villager
Favorite Hobby: Peer pressuring others, moshing



There are many reasons one would seek out the mystical towers of the Numine wizards: many long for a better life, seeking out magical instruction to change their fortune, others crave power and control, and believe that magic may provide the answer to attaining it, still others simply want some of the wizards to sign their fancy hat. Regardless of one’s reason for visiting, the wizard’s policies of isolation do not waver.

To avoid dealing with the problems themselves, the great mages animated piles of rock and stone from the surrounding mountains to guard the surrounding area, strong enough and sturdy enough to defend against any sort of threat imaginable. With a head made out of rocks, however, they weren’t really capable of doing much more than standing around all day.

Age: 3 days
Height: 8'5
Homeland: The Numine Mountains
Occupation: Servant
Favorite Hobby: Staring contests



Soaring high in the sky and dwelling on mountain peaks, the griffin is one of the most majestic creatures in all of Orozan, although few ever get close enough to see one.

Griffins only nest in caves in the highest peaks of the Rimoudon Mountains, far higher than the dwarves, orcs, or rams who live below them could ever hope to climb.

Occasionally, when food in the mountains is scarce, griffins may venture into lower elevations in search of livestock. Farmers claim that they have seen griffins swoop down from the skies and carry off full-grown cows in a single swift movement.

Age: 57
Height: 7'1
Homeland: Rimoudon Mountains
Occupation: Territorial Wonder of Nature
Favorite Hobby: Freeing farm animals



The dark and mysterious nature of the Ironwood forest makes it the perfect place for thieves to waylay travellers and ambush convoys, striking quickly and without warning before vanishing immediately into the trees.

For decades, the soldiers of Burmstone keep have scoured the forest in attempts to locate the legendary City of Thieves in Darkleaf Hollow, where, according to local rumors, bandits store centuries’ worth of stolen loot. The Ironwood Forest is not easily navigated, however, and to this day, the Ironwood bandits and their mythical City of Thieves remain ever elusive.

Age: 21
Height: 5'10
Homeland: City of Thieves
Occupation: Smuggler, mercenary, common thief, bounty hunter, animal shelter volunteer, body guard
Favorite Hobby: Gambling



While it is widely believed that the witches of Ironwood Forest are not as powerful as their Numine cousins, this is far from the case. The truth is that even the most well-versed scholars and storytellers do not truly understand the peculiar and inexplicable magic practiced by the mysterious order.

Travellers who venture too deep into Ironwood forest tell stories of lanterns in the distance that can never be reached, trees that seem to rearrange themselves when nobody's looking, and brightly-lit villages full of people that vanish completely as one draws near.

Accounts of the witches themselves vary. Some say they speak only in riddles and will attempt to play tricks on weary travellers. Others say they appear as old women in long shawls, who will feebly ask for directions before cackling and disappearing in a puff of smoke. Whatever the case, they are best to be avoided.

Age: 78
Height: 5'4
Homeland: Ironwood Forest
Occupation: a chemist is the lightest way of putting it.
Favorite Hobby: Making homemade scented candles



As far as anyone in the Domain can tell, Willowbark is older than the great forest itself, if not older. For centuries he has served as a protector and guardian of the woodlands and all who inhabit them, from the proudest elf to the stealthiest bandit.

Those who report to have seen Willowbark say he sits for hours besides the streams and hills of the forest, gazing up at the sky or talking to the trees, telling stories and sharing news about the many happenings in other parts of the woods.

A popular legend claims that Willowbark himself planted the great forest in its entirety, planting the oldest trees as saplings long ago and tending to the woods as they grew and spread. 

Age: ??? (no one's had the chance to count his rings)
Height: 20'
Homeland: ???
Occupation: Ruler of nature, keeper of peace
Favorite Hobby: Planting seeds by DEFINITELY not excreting them.



Long ago, a group of exceptionally gifted wizards came together and embarked on a quest to start a new order of magic-users.

Atop the remote peaks of the Numine mountains, they constructed a tower, where they study and practice their magic to this day. Every 20 years, the counsel of wizards a single child from all the land to become an apprentice of the Numine order, raising them in the tower and training them in their spells and sorcery.

Not much is known of the mysterious wizards other than this, but it is said that their magic can create life out of bare rock, call down lightning from a clear sky, and even tamper with the fabric of time and space itself.

Age: ???
Height: ??? (though not especially tall from a glance)
Homeland: Numine Tower
Occupation: Scholar & researcher of the magic arts
Favorite Hobby: Curling on ice



Hailing from the icy and unforgiving caves of the Rimoudon mountains, the orcs are among the toughest creatures in Orozan.

Raised from birth to fight and hunt, orcs spend their entire lives preparing for battle, and social standing in orc society is entirely based on one’s physical strength and effectiveness in combat. The most elite of these warriors are the berserkers, battle-hardened soldiers with a thirst for blood and an unmatched ferocity.

Legends say that a single one of these berserkers, if sufficiently enraged, can rip through an entire army in minutes.

Age: 45
Height: 6'8
Homeland: Skull Peak
Occupation: Hunter, gladiator
Favorite Hobby: Grilling



Even the bravest of dwarves and the fiercest of Orcs know to steer clear of the rams that roam the Rimoudon Mountains. Extremely territorial, Rimoudon Rams will charge headlong at anything that they perceive as a threat, specially evolved hooves allowing them to move alarmingly fast even over extremely difficult terrain.

Their curled horns are tough enough to shatter solid rock, and it is said that no spear, sword, or shield will so much as slow down a charging Rimoudon Ram. Regardless of whether or not this is true, nobody in all of Orozan will likely attempt to verify this anytime soon.

Age: 17
Height: 7'
Homeland: Rimoudon Mountains
Occupation: Wild, territorial, and competitive animal (if that counts)
Favorite Hobby: Rock climbing



Deep within the elven forests, there lies a secret grove, its location unknown to all but the most knowledgeable of the elven sages, only a select few of which have even laid eyes upon it.

Within this grove, hidden away from the rest of the world, an entire society of tiny pixies flourish, dwelling in surprisingly elaborate cities within the hollows of trees and obtaining and storing food from the nectar of flowers. The vast majority of these pixies never see the outside world, living their entire lives within the safety of the secret grove.

The bravest and most adventurous pixies, however, become scouts, braving the dangers of the surrounding forest to gather information and ensure that the borders of the sacred grove are well-protected.

Age: 219
Height: 10"
Homeland: The Sacred Grove
Occupation: Pixie neighborhood watch
Favorite Hobby: Screaming "hey, listen!" without mercy or regard for human life



It is a topic of much debate and argument as to whether or not the three sisters, or in fact, the Crystal Pond itself, even exist. The myth, as it is told, says that deep in the elven woods, there exists a beautiful pond with water as clear and shimmering as glass. The waters of this pond are said to have all sorts of magical properties: from bringing good luck, to creating great happiness, or even, according to some stories, granting eternal life.

Central to all of these myths are the three sisters: mermaids who dwell in and guard the pond, and whose voices are said to be the most beautiful sound in the world. According to legend, the sound of all three sisters singing together can bring a creature back from even the brink of death itself.

Age: 10,000
Height: 9'
Homeland: ???
Occupation: Magical Healer
Favorite Hobby: Choreographing musical numbers to welcome adventurers



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